Considerate Design

Considerate Design challenges traditional design processes to develop personalised fashion products

Bespoke Bags

Bespoke Bags

Bespoke functional bags ergonomically designed to fit the body.

Dr.Frances Geesin and Steven Harkin collaborate on this project to test a new paradigm of personalised bag forms designed to individual body shapes, to manufacture bespoke bags such as e.g.backpacks and computer cases. The design process takes 3D measurements from a body scan and translates them into bespoke rapid prototyping components. These are then used to mould bespoke panels for each personalised bag.

Dr.Frances Gessin at work in her studio

Dr.Frances Geesin at work in her studio

Dr. Frances Geesin works with unique materials made of metalised textiles which are both aesthetic and functional, and these will then be combined with other materials in bags.

Silver Hook

'Bespoke Bags' Hook Bag

'Bespoke Bags' Hook Bag, copyright of Considerate Design 2008

An experimental piece combining hand crafted leather with a silver plated engineered fabric. Inspiration came from scientific images which revealed that, depending on the specific type and function of a bone, fine threads (mineralized collagen fibrils) that form the framework could have several arrangements. The patterned networks of threads and voids are similar to an industrial material designed as a spacer in the construction of skis. Geesin worked intuitively and flattened the fabric in a heat press then, by drawing into the thermoplastic material with a fine tipped soldering iron created a lattice, which mimicked the fibrils network.

The contribution to the Considerate Design process includes personalised design to end user requirement, efficient use of materials, longevity of products and localised production.

The project is part of the research initiative Designing for the 21st Century funded by the research councils AHRC and EPSRC.

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