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Considerate Design challenges traditional design processes to develop personalised fashion products

Science Museum – Trash Fashion:Designing out Waste

Prof. Sandy Black, Co-Director of the Centre for Fashion Science; London College of Fashion, has been commissioned by the Science Museum to produce a seamless Knit to Fit sweater for their upcoming exhibition Trash Fashion: Designing out Waste.

Based on her work from the Considerate Design project Sandy designed and created an irregularly striped seamless sweater personalised to fit the measurements and style preferences of the client, through Considerate Design.  The sweater is knitted in 3D, entirely in one piece in a single step process, using the Stoll ‘Knit and Wear®’ system, requiring no making up, just hand finishing.  Measurements were taken from bodyscan data and used to interpret the finished design. 

Britain loves high-street fashion. Tempted by rock-bottom prices we’re buying a third more clothing than we did a decade ago. But fast-changing fashions mean over a million tonnes of textile waste end up in landfill each year.

This new exhibition investigates how the latest design and technology will help to create wear without waste and what we all can do to reduce the impact of throwaway fashion.

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The project is part of the research initiative Designing for the 21st Century funded by the research councils AHRC and EPSRC.

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